Sofie is my new baby kitten from a land far, far away in the kingdom of Callentine, where the other me (Honor) is from. Well, not exactly, but it strikes me that she's good luck (of course, I don't belive in coincidences) because the day we found her, this blog struck 960 views from 716 in twelve hours, my total average (school) for our first semester went up, and I seem to be doing better at school.

When my sister, mother and I went to Sialkot, me and Sanya (my sister) were in our grandmother's room with our cousin, Yasmeen, when I heard a short 'mrow' outside.
"Did you hear that?" I asked.
"Hear what?" Sanya inquired.
"Yeah, listen, Sanya," Yasmeen said.

There came that mrow again.

"Yeah, I hear it now!"
Sanya rushed outside, and when she came back in, she was cradling a baby kitten in her arms.
We went outside, fed it nugget and made it drink some milk. Sanya checked its gender- girl. She just wouldn't stop following us!
We begged and pleaded our mother nonstop for three hours, and at last she said yes. Sanya named her Sofie, not Sophie! There's a difference, Anusha!

So, while I type lying down on the sofa, Sofie sleeps on my back. So cuuuuute! My mother calls her Piddi, which means tiny in Punjabi.