Sunday, 5 April 2015

My April Fool's Day Pranks!

Hey all!

As I said I would yesterday, I have pranked, pranked, and pranked! I swear it was hilarious. None of my pranks failed their purposes, and I also got pranked once by my friends and supervisor that I was getting detention... and there was also an emotional moment between me and my 'sister'* Mahnoor C. (Beauty) which I really don't want to reenact. We also planned on making camp in the girls' bathrooms, which was a disgusting conversation.

Well, that escalated quickly.

Anyway, here are top five the pranks me and my friends played today from minor to major!

5. Yes, That Was A Lame Card
In this prank I made April Fools cards for Imran and Anusha with the most random things written in them.
This was Anusha's:
(you obviously love Oreos.)

And Imran's:

If you're reading this, you're spitting at a 
gorilla's face and getting engaged to a 
pineapple coconut. Merry Christmas and 
happy 91st anniversary! 

I have absolutely no regrets.

4. Holy Crap!
Allow me to go Honor style. last night, I ripped up an empty cardboard toilet paper roll and squashed it into a poo shape (am I keeping it G-rated?), and today put it on Anusha's chair. Apparently someone told her, and she put on my chair. I threw it at her, and Hammad grabbed the remains, shaped them, and chucked it under Sheryar's desk. Everyone believed it was real poo!

Entire class: *Laughs heads off*
Ranea: LOL.
Hammad: It's flying poo of the gods!
Zoya: It's holy crap!!
Hammad: *snorts*

Ahh, good times...

3. Has My Seat Changed?!
Oh, no, it hasn't - but your face has.
On our seating plans, we have our names under a picture of us in a specific place showing our seat positions. I didn't want to go so far as to actually change the positions, but...

I swear me and Rubab spent three days on this. 

And... don't ask what I am... (Zeus with a Katniss face...)

2. Ripped.
I was really looking forward to doing this one, and even though my family thought it wouldn't work, we pulled it off beautifully. For this trick, you might have to refer to the seating plan above to see how we put everything in order.
All you need for this is a piece of fabric and a rupee bill. I'll tell you the whole story...

Since April Fool's Day was on Wednesday, we were in luck because we had two days to get everything ready and inform everyone - except Sheryar. I told the girls and Hammad, who passed it on to the boys, and even got suggestions from some of them. On Wednesday, I came to school early, slipped the seating plan into place, and planned out the rest.

We were to give the piece of fabric to Imran, who sat behind Sheryar (refer to seating plan), and drop a 100 rupee bill on the floor next to his desk. Someone would say, "I think I dropped my money on the floor... does anyone see it?" and Sheryar being stupid as Sheryar would bend down to pick it up - and Imran would rip the fabric. Everyone behind him would laugh, and when he would say,"What happened?" they would yell, "Sheryar ripped his pants!"

What really happened? Sheryar started shadow teaching.

Hammad: (mouthing) NOW WHAT?!
Zoya: (also mouthing) I DON'T KNOW! GET SOMEONE ELSE TO TEACH?
Rubab: (still mouthing) WE CAN'T, BUT ZOYA CAN! SHE'S THE TEACHER'S PET!
Hammad: EXACTLY!
Zoya: *groans and raises hand*

That was our mouthing conversation.
I told Mrs. Hassan about the prank - and she agreed! I don't know how, but she did! She asked Sheryar to sit down and Anusha started teaching instead.

When Sheryar sat down, the rest was up to Imran. Then I remembered, we didn't tell anyone to say that they had dropped the money! Imran, however, knew exactly what he had to do and tapped Sheryar on the shoulder and said, pointing to the money next to Sheryar's desk, "Sheryar, I dropped my money there, can you pick it up?"
"Sure," Sheryar said, bending over, and-
Imran ripped the fabric.

I swear Sheryar believed his pants were actually ripped for the whole period. I was also called a genius by many classmates.
Credit for the money goes to Mahnoor C.
Credit for improvising goes to Imran.

1. "I'm a Pretty Fairy Princess!"
Oh no. Oh heck, no. This was THE prank, the one of revenge.

I hadn't planned this one beforehand, but it was definitely good fortune that I shoved a small phial of silver glitter into my prank bag before running out the house that morning. In the first break, I asked Imran to fill Hammad's French books with the glitter even though a) French was the last period and b) I wasn't in his French class.

I also put a glitter bomb on his desk when nobody was looking, and he was stupid enough to open it.

I mean, it's April 1st, you get a package on your desk and you're like, "Oh, hey, what's this? Maybe it's candy!" and then open the damned thing. Let's hear the applause!

So apparently he opened the bomb and the French books both in his break, and got covered with glitter. We saw him running around completely wet and covered with glitter. He tried to take it off!

I didn't stop there, though... I may or may not have put MORE glitter in his French books... and his teacher may or may not have told him to open the exact same page... *evil laugh*

There you have them - my top five pranks for April Fools! Hope you enjoyed them!

Zoya <3

*Mahnoor C, my 'sister'; we both took the demigod quiz and I got Zeus and Apollo (weirdest combination ever) and she got Apollo. Also, recall that in last year's English Drama, I was Honor and Mahnoor was Honor's sister, Beauty. Fate much?!

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