Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Oh HI!

Hey all!

So I'm at school right now, planning jokes with my best friends for tomorrow - April 1st! I can't wait! Happy April Fool's eve, and I'll post all my 13 tricks tomorrow!

Stay awesome <3
Zoya :)
Choueifat is life <3

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

What's On My Playlist?

Hey all!

You guys all know how much I love music so much! I can't live without music, I have to have it every day or I'll just die. I play the guitar (and am going to larn the piano too! Yay!) and love to replicate any song I can with my electric and acoustic, be the song pop, rock, country (favorite: pop-country <3), or anything else and I always share new tabs with you.

One of my favorite things to do during the stress of the exam season is to go upstairs, lock the door to my room, open up my algebra book and notebook, and turn on some of my favorite songs. This helps steady and calm my train of thought and solving those equations come easy to me. I use quiet music when I need to memorize something, medium-loud studying math ONLY, and loud during study breaks.

Today I'm sharing with you some - not all, because that'd take four hours - of my playlist and how to order them if you're studying these days like me. You'll find your results going up in no time!
Also, if you don't like this type of music, try finding something similar. Everyone has their own
choice, after all!

1. I Want You To Know (ft. Selena Gomez) by Zedd

I love this song so much! It was released on the 23rd of Februrary this year and my whole family fell in love with it instantly (which is rare). I love Selena, and Zedd, and Zeddlena!
Another thing I admire about this song is the cover image; it's beautiful, artistic, and dramatic.

2. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

This one is just beautiful. It's kind of serious, but I still love it. I don't think there's much more to say. It's simple, sweet, casual, and all in all beautiful.

3. How You Get The Girl by Taylor Swift

1989 is forever! Personally, I think this one, Style, Welcome to New York, and Wildest Dreams are the best ones on the album. The whole thing is so different from her other songs, it's kinda surprising. The Polaroid covers are the best part tho :)

4. Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's

This one may be old, but it's still amazing. Old is gold, right?

5. Enchanted by Taylor Swift

I couldn't live with myself without listing at least ONE of T-Swift's oldies, especially this one. The lines in this are so cliché, just like Love Story, Mine, or If This Was A Movie, but they're... well... enchanting!

6. Black Widow (ft. Rita Ora) by Iggy Azalea

"I'm gonna love ya
Gonna love ya
Gonna love ya
Gonna love ya
Like a black widow, baby"

I'm sorry, but I had to do that. It's so catchy! I love it!

7. Uptown Funk! (ft. Bruno Mars) by Mark Ronson

THIS SONG. I absolutely, positively, from the deepest chasms of my heart. HATE Bruno Mars - but I absolutely, positively, from the deepest chasms of my heart, LOVE this song. It's so catchy and the beat is amazing and reminds me more of 1989 than T.S. 1989. Honestly! Personal opinion! Don't believe me, just watch...

8. Firework by Katy Perry.

This song is beautiful, inspiring, and lifts my spirits. Had a bad day at school? Do you ever feel like a plastic bag/ drifting through the wind, wanting to start again? Perry contradicts bad feelings, regrets, doubts, and hard times with baby, you're a firework!/ C'mon show 'em what you're worth!/ I love it and have loved it for years.

9. Yellow by Coldplay

Me and my mother differ on many things, but not on this! We both love the poetic lyrics and dreamy music in the song and it will forever be in our playlists.

10. Sick of You by Selena Gomez

Oh Selena, what have you done to us?! Why are you giving us such relatable and fun songs to be our go-to's every day? I am officially obsessed with this one, even if it's just because of how much I can relate!

11. My Dilemma by Selena Gomez

"Queen Selena," I quote from my friend Serena (Serena, Selena, huh). The queen strikes yet again with a number bound to turn you upside down, as it did me and Serena. Also recommended my the two of us: I Promise You, also a gift from the queen.

12. A Little Bit of Your Heart by Ariana Grande

I swear I've been quoting this song for the past three days. It's almost as relatable as SG, and Ariana's voice is so powerful and filled with emotion it makes your heart vibrate - at least for me and Serena.

13. Boom Clap (from The Fault In Our Stars) by Charli XCX

This one is another favorite of le Serena, as she is obsessed with TFIOS. I haven't seen it or read the book, but the plot seems pretty interesting and I might read it after I finish Allegient and Heroes of Olympus so... yeah.

14. Find You (ft. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant) by Zedd

Here goes my love for Zedd's music yet again. This one is a Divergent soundtrack -  I mean, Zedd + Divergent = a happy me. I fell in love instantly with the books (even though I'll admit, Tris made me a little quite frustrated... not gonna spoil it for you though..); I love the plot, the difference, and the 'Hunger Games-yness', so to speak, and this song is a perfect description of Four to Tris -  it's just amazing.

15. Clarity (ft. Foxes) by Zedd

Zedd again! Clarity is quite a popular song, and I can understand why - the electonic music contrasts with the powerful voice and creates a perfect, clear (ha) melody that sticks in your mind and makes you wonder around the lyrics and the very meaning of the song. Another thing I love is the song cover - it uses my favorite colors! <3

16. Royals by Lorde

This is one of those songs me and my friend Mahnoor C. (previously Beauty, if you recall) have singalongs to randomly in class, attracting weird looks from our seat partners and the occasional laugh of a teacher. I like that the music is simple, and concentrates more on the layers of choir versus actual instruments. It's catchy, and also kinda retro.

17. Perfect Together by Rosanna Pansino & Kurt Schneider

This one isn't really very well-known, but it's so cute! YouTuber Rosanna Pansino, host of Nerdy Nummies, has an amazing voice and a talent for, well, putting food into music.

18. Charmer by Kings of Leon

I grew up in a Kings of Leon house. No, really! The only music was my mom's old tunes and my sisters' metal/rock, neither of which I could really grow into. As a result, I became a Selenator, a Katycat and a Zedd fan. Electronic and pop are my main styles, along with pop-country (thank you, Taylor) and a bit of alternative. This song, however, is one I grew rather close to, and remains on my playlist.

19. The Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez

What the <3 wants, of course! I think we all know the queen wrote this for Justin Bieber (ugh), and then - 'boom, gone/yeah we move on (Love Will Remember)' - she's with Zedd! #Zeddlena is life!

20. Chandelier by Sia

I'm gonna swiiiiiiiiing from the chandelieeeeer, from the chandeliiiiiiieeeeeeer!

Need I say more?

I hope this playlist gave you some song suggestions. Have fun!

Zoya <3

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

DIY Dry Shampoo

Hey all!

With the exam season going on, I'd bet you guys will be so busy studying, studying, and studying every second of the day you can spare, and for us girls with hair that's past shoulder-length (I'm so sorry for those girls with waist-length hair!), it's hell with not enough time to shampoo, condition, blow-dry, and fine-comb just to keep it manageable and out of your face when your study goal is 8 to 12 hours of cram time (at least for me). If you're like me, you'll positively despise oily, gritty locks sticking to the sides of your face especially when you have bangs or acne (or both... yikes!).

Or maybe you want your hair to stay clean 24/7, and are therefore washing it every morning. In this case, stop now. 
Your scalp produces natural oils over time, which the hair soaks up and makes it oily and look coarse and dirty. Every time you wash your hair, you strip it of all natural oils and clean it - but if you was it too often, your body thinks there's an abnormality going on and sends a heavy flow of oils - that means the more you wash it, the oilier it gets.

But did you know there's a solution, a simple, cheap, quick way to forgo tiring out your arms and wasting time? The magic is dry shampoo! The ingredients in it soak up the natural oils, making your hair shiny and silky without killing the hair or taking hours and hours.

I know you can find cheap aerosol spray cans at your local supermarket, but this DIY recipe has only two ingredients (one if you're blonde) and is super easy.

DIY Dry Shampoo

For auburn to blue-black hair:

2 tbsp cornstarch
1 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp cinnamon (optional if you want a bit more fragrance)

For caramel-blonde to sandy:

3 tbsp cornstarch
1/2 tsp cocoa powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon (again, optional)

For sandy to platinum:
Note: If you have platinum hair, firstly, I applaud you for this feat, and secondly, make sure you DO NOT mix absolutely anything into the cornstarch; this will make your hair look speckled and uneven. If your hair is a lighter sandy, a) I am jealous and b) you can use more or less cocoa, but make sure it matches your shade.

3 tbsp cornstarch
1/4 tsp cocoa powder (SEE NOTE)
(Sorry, no cinnamon here - but you can sub it for the cocoa (SEE NOTE))

Combine all ingredients and make sure everything is well combined using a small whisk.
Dust some of your solution throughout your hair and brush well (best done in sections).
Make sure that the powder has all been combined throughout your hair and hidden.
Style as usual!

Have fun!

Zoya <3