Saturday, 12 April 2014

Urdu Drama 2014

I just got back from the school's Urdu Drama! I was in the choir and the dance. It was so awesome!

We had to hold diyas, small clay candles, and go onstage for the dance. Mine keps going out, but the crowd didn't notice. When we kneeled down, we were supposed to blow them out, but a girl called Rameen (the aklemand) and another girl forgot.

And the lights were so blindingly bright and they kept flashing them in different colors. They looked awesome and dramatic (and covered up our mistakes) but blinding. My eyes are still flashing!

The choir was good too. I didn't forget the song (that I had to memorize in ten minutes) and I think we sounded amazing. Our music teacher had composed it himself and six girls, including me, were singing it to his piano.

My dad was sitting in the front taking pictures and videos, clapping the entire time. My two cousins, my grandmother and my mother were there, too. One cousin looked like he was snoring :). I hate him!!

That's all for now. Honor is going to share with you an eleventh Honor Update on Monday, and I'll be back tomorrow with an amazing recipe.

Zoya ♥

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