Saturday, 26 April 2014


I just got back from English Drama! It went sooooo well! Honor did great, too. I had a guiter solo performance on "Live Like There's No Tomorrow" by Selena Gomez dedicated to Hamid Mir, senior anchorperson for GEO News, who was injured in a gunfiring on Karachi. I said,  "I would like to dedicate this song to Hamid Mir, who was injured in Karachi, and I request you to pray for his speedy recovery."

My dad has connections aroud City 42 and my uncle has connections around GEO, so both channels were filming the show! They filmed Honor's play, my solo performance, and the dance to Waka Waka (Anusha kept saying "Mahnoor took my place! She took my place!" for some reason, but no one noticed) with about fifty close-ups of me :). They even interviewed me later and made me do a few clips again. My DJ (oh yeah, you heard me, I haz DJ!) played a recording while people were leaving and it gave a studio-type effect. I'm gonna be on TV at 5 PM today! (26th April 2014)

Don't forget to watch GEO News today at 5 PM! A chance to hear my guitar :)
Now I am as tired as a... as a... I DON'T KNOW.

Zoya :)


  1. I did so not take her place . Btw Raina took my place

    1. I wasn't involved in that little scuffle, I just typed what I heard.