Sunday, 20 April 2014

How to Dye Easter Eggs

Ah, Easter. Who gets the chocolate bunny? Only the one that collects the most eggs. The question is, who makes the eggs? We do! Coloring hard boiled eggs is an Easter tradition. The fun part is, there are so many ways to do it! You can do single colored eggs, but an added touch never hurt anyone. You can eat these eggs, give them as gifts, or use them for decoration.

This is the simplest method, with vinegar and water mixed with food dye.

1.   Hard boil 12 eggs.

2.   In a paper cup or glass, stir together 3 tbsp vinegar and           2/3 cup water. Add the desired color of food dye.

3.   Dip or lower the dried hard boiled egg in the binegar mixture and leave for 3-5 minutes until desired color is reached.

4.   Remove from the dye and place on a wire rack to dry. 

5.   If you'd like, you can paint on the dye, too, for more color.

6.   Coat with vegetable oil for a nice shine. 

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