Monday, 17 March 2014

The Ninth Honor Update

Hey guys! after that long... long... long break, Honor is here to deliver this week's Honor Update!
This week's practice was crazy insane drive-up-the-wall... oh god.
Soooooo.... Andres (Faraaz) was absent, Janie (Amna) and Beauty (Mahnoor) were going mental.
We had our practice on a stage in the school gym.

Honor: (freezes in isolated tortured way)
Fairy: (shakes finger) You must (stophaha it hahaHonor *snort*)
Beauty: Oh yes I did!
I mean, what was she trying to say? Really?!

So Joann is talking to Janie. Here's what I heard:
"Table and food... plate..."

Nick: You're not Beauty.
Beauty: I am possibly be!
Honor: What?!
Nick: La la la la la... FEH!
Beauty: (groans)

No one ever lets the royal family in :(
Honor: (Knocks on fake door, which is the wall) Helloooo? Anyone alive?
Janie: Come in!
Nick: Uh... WELCOME! Uh... found... sister... oh yeah... no... nah!
Honor: WHAT THE HECK?!?!?

Huh, that's not what I asked for...
Fairy: ... how about a handsome prince?
Andres (Tutor): Iz powerfull-y!
Honor: Not again...
Fairy: Hmm... that's one ugly prince!

Cheering yourself on is great!
Andres (Tutor): Oh yeah, oh yeah, I'm awesome, I'm awesome...
Andres: I'm-as-rich-as..-as...-god-knows-what....
Honor: I hate you...

Twisted tongue.. or tongue twister?
Honor: Have you seen any sign of my sister?
Nick: No, POO-rincess. I mean, princess!
Honor: Zeeshan, take him away. (Walks away while they have a fight)
Nick: (to Beauty): You hungry? Hungry fo Hungary? Fo fo fo? You ARE hungry!
Nick: Spoiled see I are brat you! I mean, I'm a spoiled brat. NO! I mean, you are a spoiled brat!
(But everyone rolls over laughing.)
Beauty: (Chews on scarf) Good compromise!

So Beauty casually sits at the side of the stage like she's in a trance.
Janie: (Drags her to Nick) Come on, SISTER.
(Beauty screams)
Honor: Hey! That was my line!

Confusion; Grammar.
Nick: The boithmark!
Beauty: Ugly, huh? Wait... no! It's a BIRTHMARK, genius.
Nick: That's exactly what I said...

Missing pieces...
Tutor: Fairy! Hey! Anusha-or-whatever-your-name-is! You're on!
Nick: (Whispering cha-cha style) Fairy, Fairy, Fai-ry! Fairy, Fairy, Fai-ry!

Honor: (Flutters offstage, mocking Fairy)
Teacher: Umm.. Zoya, you still have a line...
Honor: Oh yeah...
Fairy: Obviously.

Honor: Looks like we're gonna have a double wedding!
Mahnoor: Yay, more makeups!
Honor: Uff...

Tutor: Honor Beauty on the floor!
Nick: I won five PISSES of gold!
Jill and Honor: Not again...

"Cool story. Needs more 'uh... uh...'"
Tim: Uh, yeah, uh... BEAUTY, DON'T GOOO!
Fairy: Uh... dirt! She.. uh... attacked every piece of dirt!
Nick: Beauty, uh... you restaurant!

Childish acts...
Beauty: I want to give you a big hug! (Comes forward to hug Fairy, who backs away while Tutor gives Beauty bunny ears)
Everyone goes ROTFL.
Beauty: Who do you think I am, a servant?
Honor: What else are you?

Afterwards, I start chasing Mahnoor around the gym and Joann almost gets trampled trying to stop us. Busted!

Honor: (Obviously yelling) HAVE YOU SEEN ANY SIGN OF MY SISTER?!?!?!?
Teacher: I didn't hear you. Say that again?
Honor: Really?
Teacher: I'm serious!

Don't overdo it!
Beauty: I didn't say that!
Teacher: What are you doing?
Beauty: I'm being expressive, miss.
Honor: What the... BEAUTY? Expressive? You've gotta be kidding me.
Beauty: What's wrong with that?
Honor: Quite a bit, actually...

That's all for this week! 

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