Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Oh. Yeah. Bugs.

Hey guys! You know how everyone is scared of something-or-other? Me, snakes. Anusha... BUGS! Mis-fortune! I recently overcame my fear of cockroaches...

SO, as I mentioned before, we have our final exams going on. After computing/ anthology, me and Anusha went to the gate. so, while we're walking, we pass through a swarm of harmless insects.

I just waltz through them, singing my favorite song, but Anusha was screaming and running, so when I looked at her, she was literally covered with a layer of them.

For a second, I thought I was too and yelled, but when I looked at my clothes, I was completely bug-free. They were only going to yellow. See, I had a blue sweater on, so there were none on me. Lucky me.

They were very tiny with huge wings and I didn't see what was to be afraid of them. She was screaming and running around the sports field and I had to calm her down. And brush her off.

So we sat in a corner and started writing in our diaries when we hear other girls scream.
One of my other friends, Alizeh, was drowning in a million bugs! Me and another friend Noor Aqsa had to brush all of em' off her, and as SOON as we finished with her, three other yells.

Guess who... Anusha, Mahnoor, and Khadija. ARRGH!

I let Mahnoor and Khadija do each other, so I did Anusha. Again. There were about eight on her back, but one wouldn't come off. After an eternity of scarf-hitting and pinching, turns out it was a black pen mark. Sheesh!

Anusha was driven mental. "I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE bugs! WHY is our school color yellow?"

And of course, I gave an answer. "Would you be happy if it were brown so a woodpecker could make a nice little snack out of you?"

You should have seen her face!
So that was what we did for two hours straight. Fun, huh?


  1. Wow. Now THAT was a fiasco! BTW, I told the story BEFORE Zoya did on my blog. Check it out here: mylifeinasite.blogspot.com

    1. Does it matter, really, you looked like a freak with those bugs. But I had a DEEPER EXPLINATION. IN YOUR FACE!!