Thursday, 6 March 2014

Aww.... Sofie!

Hey guys!
Ever since we found Sofie, she's been purring like a motor, sleeping like a sloth, and eating us like that three-headed dog from Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone. Yeesh.
Don't know who Sofie is? Unaware of her cuteness? Find out more about her here.
Anyway, we found out three things about her.

1.   She has ADHD. Strange, huh?

I figured that out when she wouldn't stop attacking my feet and face every night. She would grab my feet, flip over a few times, do a cartwheel and start to run.

2.   She loves to bother Charlie (the other male Siamese cat).

If Charlie would be sleeping on the sofa, Sofie would sneak up on him and paw him on the ear and hide. Hah. She would repeat about fifty times until he figured out. Then it was payback time.

3.   Kreacher (the other female tortoiseshell cat) hates her.

Sofie would sleep on my lap, and would jerk awake every time she saw Kreacher and start growling-
m-grrrrRRRRR grrrrrROWrrr...
 -because, you know, female cats are territorial.
Heck, it just happened a few seconds ago!
Once, I was on my way upstairs to finish my art project when I heard a cat fight (really, a physical fight between Sofie and Kreacher) in the kitchen and ran to see what had happened.
Kreacher was on the counter, on top of Sofie, holding her down, biting and scratching her.
Poor Sofie!

Sofie also had pink eye, which can be deadly to cats (look at the above picture closely, there is water coming out of her right eye). It took us four months to get rid of it. Sheesh!

She also went into heat for.. drumroll.. two days!

Whoops, there's Kreacher. Gotta go defend Sofie and study for my final tomorrow!
Zoya ❦

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