Monday, 17 February 2014

The Seventh Honor Update

Hey guys! Honor here, as promised, to DELIVER.
Well, what can I say? Practice was... ok, I guess. Not too insane, nor UNinsane. Funny.

First off...
First Fairy line, everyone is screaming, dancing, chatting, jumping...

Fairy: Now how is this story supposed to start... oh yes! Once there was a princess, the fair princess of Callentine. They were, uh... OH YES! Kind and fair-
Honor: So I sat quietly...
Andres: Agreed politely...
Honor: In your case, "Agreed blind-elyyy!"
Andres: Hey!
Sandy: Shut UP!!
Beauty: Don't call me names or I'll have Andres, Honor, and Sandy chop off your head like they did to the rest of my tutors!

Andres: Bloody hell!
Honor: Bloody head!
Sandy: Bloody TEXTBOOKS!

Tutor: I- *hiccup* give me a *hiccup* minute-
(Holds breath for an internity)
Aahhhh! That's *hiccup* ohhiccuphhhhh!

(Five hiccuping minutes later...)

Tutor: Ready for actio*hiccup* ERRRRhiccupRRRRRR!

It took Tutor ten more minutes to get rid of his hiccups!
When he did...

(Guard drags him away)
Tutor: What? What did I- *OOOOOMPHHHH*

What happened, you ask?
The guard gave him a huge push towrds himself and they both slammed into the door.
Guard almost faints. 
Honor: Happy birthday! You're officially two years old, Tutor bhai!

Later than later...

Beauty: Oh, I get it! Andres is here to see me!
Honor: You can take him, but he'll never come for you specifically.
Beauty: I'm beautiful!
Honor: Text me when you guys are serious enough...
Andres: You... little....
Honor: YOU BOILED ANDA! (Anda means egg in Urdu)

❊         ❊        ❊

Beauty: And why, Sir Nicholas, should I clean it up?
Nick: Youza spoiled brat, you iz!

Jimmy: (screaming his lungs out) SHE YELLED AT ME! BEAUTY, DON'T GOOOOO! PLEEEASE!!
Honor: Awk-waaaard...

HAHA! Later, the Scribe writes 'Nuruddin likes to eat insects' on the board and drew a cockroach next to it labelled 'Nuruddin'!

Nuruddin: Miss! Look what he wrote on the board!

So Scribe quickly erases the cockroach, replaced it with a cheeseburger, and wrote 'fast food' instead of 'insects'

Teacher: What?

Later than later later...

Nick: Five pisses of gold!
(everyone starts laughing)
Andres: (almost falls over) FIVE... PISSES! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Andres: I like to throw coins. Cuz I'm rich. Ha ha.
Honor: No, you're not.
Andres: Oh yeah. Wait, WHAT? Oh no you didn't!
Honor: Oh yes I di-id!

Much later,
Nick: Let's call your fairy godmother!
Teacher: Fairy Godmother?
Fairy: Oh yeah.

Huh, what next?
Nick: Yeeeew are la princessa?
Honor: No, she's el prince de Acrime!

Honor: Whaaaa?

That's all, folks!

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