Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Eighth Honor Update

Hey guys! Up here! HONOR UPDATE.
Practice was fine - if not insane (hint, hint!).

First off, the Fairy and Andres were absent; Fairy was visiting Acrime and Andres almost fainted like a dragon eating an eel. A.K.A he was off with a bad illness swooping chickens. Only chickens. It only infects chickens.

So, I took over the Fairy, Tutor sahib took over Andres.

Fairy Issues!
Honor: Now how is this story supposed to start.. WHOA WHOA WHOA I REMEMBER NOW!! Sorry, the Fairy has memory loss issues.
Anyway, once there was a princess, the princess of Clementine... wait, wasn't it Callentine?
...Beauty, who was the ugliest person in the universe.

Everyone: And Beauty is ugly, she doesn't have SENSE, doesn't have any sense cuz she's a pea-brain...
Beauty: Shut UP!

Tutor thought he was awesome as his double, Andres...
Tutor: I'm Andres! On the FLOOR!
Honor: Umm... Neither Faraaz nor Andres say that. EVER. Don't you know that about your best friend?
Tutor: On the Honor floor!
Honor: UFF...

...but he sucked at both.
Beauty: No, it's YOU who will be sorry! Guard, take him away!
Tutor: [(to Guard) Man, I hate you.] NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Honor: How should I reward her? Maybe a golden brush, a magic mirror... oh, I know, a handsome prince!

Tutor: What? Do that again!
Tutor: Okay, okay, chill!
Honor: Ah, that's a good-but-still-extremely-mental one!
On second thoughts, that's onnneeee dork-y prince.
...make him blind! *snaps fingers*

Tutor: Oh man. (Rubs eyes) Ohh, crap.
Honor: Now that's called on the floor!
Tutor: No, really, Nick poked me in the eye!
Honor: Thank GOD he has SOME sense!

Jill showed up late:
Jill: I'm here! Did you miss me?
Tutor: Why would we?
Jill: Well... uh... because...

Nick: (Holds up pencil) Five pisses of go-
Jill: STOP WITH THE PISSES ALREADY! (Snatches pencil)
Nick: Hey! I earned that!

That's about it. Keep an eye out for more updates!

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  1. "Nick: (Holds up pencil) Five pisses of go-
    Jill: STOP WITH THE PISSES ALREADY! (Snatches pencil)
    Nick: Hey! I earned that!"
    OMG, soooooo FUNNY!