Sunday, 16 February 2014

Nerve-wracked and Brick-Minded Honor

It's pretty obvious that I'm Honor.
Zoya is out with flu. After nine hours. Again. She basically sounds like a horse with a hoarse throat. She feels really bad because her BFF, Anusha, asked for some cookies and she is NOT going to school tomorrow, so I need to substitute for her. I needed to go anyway, ahem, play reharsal. Speaking of which, I'll deliver a seventh Honor Update tomorrow.

Aaaaaanywaaaayyyy, I am brick-headed right now.
Zoya has this spelling bee tomorrow. She had revised aboit 250 words. I haven't. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH GOD!

15. Infliction
34. Camouflage
82. Differentiate
165. Incinerate
241. Annihilate

AND she's reading 'Percy Jackson: Lightning Theif' in bed while my bread is rising along with my anxiety!
Anxiety- A-N-X-I-E-T-Y.

Gotta run!

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