Sunday, 9 February 2014

Honor VS Zoya

Hey guys!
Honor AND Zoya here, well, typically Zoya first. We are going to tell you our comparison and how to recognize us.

I'm gonna list the differences.

1.    Zoya is a normal girl, in school, who loves baking, playing guitar, and studying. Honor a princess (the nicer one) of Callentine, who loves to hate Andres, loves acting, and recently discovered a liking for art.

2.    Honor and Zoya are two different people.

3.    Honor = princess. Zoya = just a regular girl.

Honor on the track now with the similarities.

1.    Honor and Zoya have the same style.

2.    We both look identical and love the same things.

3.    We both hate Andres and love to make fun of him.

The best way to know which of us is which, Honor always has a blue bow on, and Zoya is always with Anusha, while Honor is always with the Fairy Godmother. Strange, huh? But Fairy's pretty nice and cool, like BFFS should be. Haha, we're both crazy, me and Fairy!

Ok, so Zoya needs to do some stuff. And so do I. Bye for now,
 Zoya and Honor OUT!

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