Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Hey guys!
And now, another HONOR UPDATE.

I think that practice was the funniest yet. I'm gonna divide it now.

Nuruddin walks in while scene 2 starts.
Everyone just screams "LAAAATE!"
He was totally embarrassed. "I was trying to find English Drama!"
So then Fairy gives him a disgusted look. "Cuz it's running away, I mean, duh, you idiot!"

I, Honor had quite a headache and was dying, "Oh God, Fairy, you fluttering flutterfly of a flashy fishy's flippin flipper! Just be quiet! You've been chattering since you got here!"

Fairy: Uh, DUH!
Honor: I mean, NUH!
Teacher: Okay girls, enough!

Later, I'm making notes for this update, when the Fairy starts to do it too!
Fairy Notes! "And.... said... sake... blonde... no, BLIND..."
The Teacher was quite angry with her. "ANUSHA! GET YOUR BUM OFF THAT CHAIR AND MOVE IT! SCENE TWO!"
Fairy: Just.. a... minute.. Miss...
Teacher: NOW!

She gets onstage.

And as my signature, I just have to make a face at her!
Eventually, I get laughing at nothing.
"I've got the eye of the tiger, unlike the Fairy, and she's gonna hear me ROAR!
Louder, louder than Anusha, cuz I am the lion..."

Fairy: Once there was a princess, the fair...
Teacher: Ahem, prince face on. Please?
Fairy: Oh, I'm terribly sorry!
*blah blah blah* make him blind! *snap*

Andres: What? Baby camels? Awesome!
Whoops, sorry, Miss!
(Acts like he has a headache or as if someone hit him between his eyes, rubbing them. Almost intoxicated.)

Teacher: Andres! Too much!
Honor: (Makes face at Andres) Go serious or GO HOME!
Andres: Okay, okay, I got it!
(Out of nowhere) I'm rich! And a Brit!
Honor: Umm... LOL? (Starts laughing)

At that, everyone starts laughing.

(A bit later, the scene when Nick and Tim try to lift the object)

So, Honor is still singin. "Now I'm floatin like a butterfly, stingin like a bee I earned my stripes..."

Tim: (acts like he's trying to lift something) Ahh! Eeeee! Oh my.. ROAR! Oomph! (Drops it)
Honor: That's not called goin from zero to your own hero!

(Later, party scene)

Honor: Come dance the next dance, sister.
Beauty: [In your dreams, sister dear!] No fangs. I don't wanna mess up my dress. I'll wait here for the prince to arrive! [What was his name again?]
Honor: [His name was Acrime of Andres!] He already has!

Beauty: *yada yada yada* my perfect beauty yet?
Honor: [How can you call yourself pretty, you ugly peasant!] He's blind! Undha! (which means mental blind person in Urdu)

Beauty: Well, I'll need to go talk to Acrime!
Andres: I'm right here, you know! [It's Andres of Acrime!]
Honor: 'It' on the floor!

Fairy: ENOUGH!

Honor: [On the floor!] (to Beauty) Come, I'll introJUICE you! Hehehe! (Drags her towards Andres)
Beauty: (Extremely quickly) Oh, what do I say? Dress, shoes... (Honor pulls her hair as a signal to say HAIR!)
What? Stop it!

Sandy: She's giving you a sign to say hair!

Anyway, (to Andres) this is my sister, Beauty.
Andres: (Bows at her) It is a pleasure to meet you.

Honor: I'm gonna be sick now. UGH!
Teacher: Get serious now or you will drag this practice till six! Do this scene from the beginning!

And we can't forget this part.
When Beauty disappears, Honor, Scribe, Andres and the King gather.

Honor: This is all my fault.
(You do remember Andres is blind, right?) 
Andres: No, it's not. 
(Bows to Scribe, but it was supposed to be to Honor)
We will search everywhere for her, my princess. We won't stop till we find her.
Everyone: HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

Last one...
When the guard and Honor are at the gate.

Honor: Didn't you offer to help her?
Guard: She looked like Beauty. She was all dirty and ugly!

I guess you've already guessed the laughs!
So, that was the update of this week. Next one next Tuesday or Wednesday!


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