Saturday, 25 January 2014

Recipe Contest!

Hey guys! As you may have figured out, I LOVE to bake. So much so that I have written a book which contains TOP SECRET recipes and baking adventures.

Here's the deal. I want YOU to send me your best recipes for one of the following-

- Lemon coconut squares
- Chocolate-almond marble cake
- Chocolate soufflé
- Biriyani (yeah, I'm a bit mental)
- Ruffle cake
- Tower of Death cake
- White chocolate-raspberry cheesecake
- Flaky pie crust pastry

I will be checking poplar sites for recipes if you want to copy!
The recipe needs to be at least 30% original.
You must send your recipe before 31st March, 2014.
You must email me you recipe to
The winner will recive a copy of my recipe book with their recipe in it.
Good luck and may the best recipe win!


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