Saturday, 21 December 2013


Hey again! I decided to redo this post because I needed to update the roles. RECAP-I got this part in a school play called Beauty IS a Beast.

It's like this twist on Beauty and the Beast. Completely. Jumbled. Up.

Here's what I remember: I'm Honor, Beauty's sister, not to mention the worst role, Mahnoor Cheema got Beauty, Anusha is the fairy, like the narrator, Zeeshan is the bearded Tutor, Faraaz got Blind Prince Andres and I am about to kill myself with the same butcher's knife which I used on Thanksgiving, Fatima Khan got the part of an orphan, Uswa got Mandy, a peasant, and Noor Aqsa is Meg. Plus, Serena Goraya is Jill.

Honor is one of the main characters, and the three main are Beauty, Honor, and the Fairy. Honor is just basically the sister of Beauty and the good, kind-hearted one. She is crowned Queen of the Ball when Andres visits the princesses, and whwn Beauty disappears, Honor is most concerned about her.

So I guess that's me. Honor. And my other form is a regular human girl. Bye!

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